Trading Dock

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Trading Dock
Trading Dock.png
Allows trading of various goods with villages on the World Map. All the products you trade are delivered into the Trading Dock. Also, trading can be a lifesaver if you run into a shortage of critical products, so it is advised to always have a Trading Dock available.
Footprint10x2 (land)
plus 15x12* (land or ocean)
plus 16x1* (ocean)
Required ResearchTrading Dock
DesignationCargo Docks Cargo Docks.png

This article is about the Building, see Trading Dock(research) to view the article about the research. The Trading Dock is a building that enables Quick Trade with neighboring islands. Examples include trading Construction Parts to receive Potato, Wood for Concrete Slab, and Coal for Diesel. Each trade spends a small amount of Unity.

Making the same trade multiple times in rapid succession will cause raising their prices temporarily, and trading much more causes being sold out for a while.

Like the Captain's Office II, the Trading Dock is a unique building, and only one may be built on the island. But it can be moved by deconstruction and replacement.