High-Pressure Turbine II

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Power Production.png
High-pressure Turbine II
High-pressure Turbine II.png
Uses high pressure steam to create mechanical power.
Construction Parts IV.png
WorkersWorker.png 2
MaintenanceMaintenance II.png 2.0 / 60 Clock.png
Required ResearchPower Generation IV
Boost by UnityNot Available
DesignationPower Production Power Production.png
VariantsSuper-Pressure Turbine
High-Pressure Turbine
Low-Pressure Turbine
Low-Pressure Turbine II

The High-pressure Turbine II is a direct upgrade of the High-Pressure Turbine. Compared to the High-pressure Turbine, it can accept twice as much Steam (High), generates twice as much Mechanical Power, has newly the Maintenance II cost and requires same the Workers. It has the same footprint, has the same inputs/outputs, and the input/output locations line up exactly the same.


Efficiency is a ratio of produced Mechanical Power over used Steam (High).

The efficiency will go down in the following cases:

  • The charge of the connected shaft is more than 80% of its capacity.
    Efficiency(%) = 100 − 500 × {(Charge of shaft / Capacity of shaft) − 0.8}
  • The turbine is in starting up, that is, 28.4 Clock.png from starting supplying Steam (High) or restarting from idling.
    Efficiency(%) = 3.78 × Time from start (Clock.png)

Decreasing the efficiency in starting up means the production of Mechanical Power will go down drastically when provided Steam (High) is less than required. For example, if the turbine gets 7.5 / 10 Clock.png (45 / 60 Clock 60s.png) of Steam (High), it produces only 2.0 MW of Mechanical Power on average.

* The values of the efficiency are tested at version 0.5.2


When auto-balance is enabled, the turbine will be automatically idle once the charge of the connected shaft reaches 80% of its capacity. The turbine restart once the shaft's charge gets to 35%. This option is valid to save Steam (High). However, it takes time to get to full power on the turbine restarting. So enough flywheels should be connected for a stable electric supply when auto-balance is enabled.

Historical data


Below are all the recipes, which this building is capable of producing. Note, that some of them may be locked behind Research, and not immediately available in your game.

Steam (High).png
10 Clock.png
60 Clock 60s.png
Mechanical Power.png
12 MW
Steam (Low).png