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This page is about the contribution guidelines - Best practices to fill this Wiki with content that is easy to find and create, but is also not missing any important information.

Data Source

  • All values in this wiki are with entered default modifiers (Difficulty: Captain). Please remember this when adding new data, possibly you need to calculate the difference between your selected difficulty and the default values.
  • All values for Maintenance, Workers, Electricity, Building Cost etc. are sourced by this Git-Repository. The previously mentioned values are sourced by the JSON-Files in this repository, that are exported directly from the game.
  • Recipes are created by the Repository and can be copy-pasted right into the source editor for correct display.
  • You can browse all the uploaded files like images in Special:ListFiles.


We have planned automated tasks for the API, such as:

  • Updating Recipes (inputs and output diagrams for all machines and products)
  • Updating Infoboxes (Boxes on the right side of an article, containing an image and general information about the machine/vehicle etc.)
  • Updating Navboxes (Boxes at the bottom of an article page containing links to categories and other articles)
  • ?

Currently all templates can be found in The most ones being:

Best Practices

  • Articles are called like their ingame counterparts. We start with a capital character for every word: SMOKE STACK (LARGE) -> Smoke Stack (Large)
  • Uploaded files are called like their ingame counterparts - except for vehicles, which follow the rule: TruckT1, TruckT2, ExcavatorT1, ExcavatorT2 etc.
  • All (or most) mentions of other items, machines or articles in an article are links, easily linking all the content together to create the typical wiki structure
  • For references on how to write articles, take a look at Oil Rig, Mixer and Loose Storage. These articles have a good base structure.
  • Please note: There is no need to enter all data for recipes manually, as we have Templates for that. See "Automation" for details.


Q: How can I contribute useful information to this wiki?

A: Please refer to the outdated articles and stubs to find information you can add. Outdated articles have not yet been updated and might contain information from earlier versions, or are about content that no longer exists. Stubs are articles with missing descriptions or information in general. Feel free to add {{stub}} to a page you see is lacking information.

Q: Help! I edited a page and now all the recipes are just cryptic text?

A: Click on "More" -> "Purge Cache" next to the search function to clear the cache.

Q: What are Templates, and why are they mentioned everywhere?

A: Templates are scripts helping us to unify and organize many things. If you don't know how to use them, you can reference existing articles to get an idea of the parameters or ask for help in the discord.