Flat Sorter

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Flat Sorter
Flat Sorter.png
Allows sorting of products.
Construction Parts II.png
ElectricityElectricity.png 20 KW
CargoUnit products
Required ResearchSmart Conveyor Routing
DesignationTransports Transports.png
VariantsU-shape Sorter

The Flat Sorter is a small machine allowing to split one Flat Conveyor input into two output Conveyors. By clicking on the Flat Sorter the player opens its interface and can select one or multiple products. These products will be sent to the right side output port (marked with an arrow). All remaining products will be sent to the straight output (not marked). Please note, that the machine will be blocking the conveyor line if the right output is blocked and it encounters an item, that is supposed to be sorted out. It's internal storage capacity is 24.