Solar Panel (Mono)

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Power Production.png
Solar Panel (Mono)
Solar Panel (Mono).png
Solar panels that are mad from a single crystal silicon. That makes them more expensive to produce but they provide 25% more energy.
Construction Parts III.png
Electronics II.png
Solar Cell Mono.png
ElectricityElectricity.png +10 - +40 KW
MaintenanceMaintenance II.png 0.6 / 60 Clock.png
Required ResearchSolar Panels II
Boost by UnityNot Available
DesignationPower Production Power Production.png
VariantsSolar Panel

The Solar Panel (Mono) is capable of producing Electricity from sunlight. It, and the less advanced Solar Panel, the only ways of producing energy without causing emissions or using any resources on a continuing basis.

The output of the Solar Panel (Mono) depends on Weather conditions:

Weather Production
Sunny +40 KW
Cloudy +32 KW
Rainy +20 KW
Heavy Rain +8 KW

Solar Panels (Mono) are the way to produce Electricity with the lowest upkeep cost since they require only a bit of Maintenance II and do not require workers. (Workers consume various services in the end-game). On the other hand, they take up huge space, and their construction cost is very high.