Research Lab IV

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Research Lab IV
Research Lab IV.png
Provides access to more advanced technologies. Important: this lab has to be provided with lab equipment on continuous basis in order to work. The more labs you have, the faster you research. Lab can return consumed products in form of recyclables, if recycling technology is unlocked.
Construction Parts III.png
Lab Equipment III.png
WorkersWorker.png 30
ElectricityElectricity.png 150 KW
UnityUnity.png -0.20 /month
Research Speed5.6 / 60 Clock.png
MaintenanceMaintenance I.png 16.0 / 60 Clock.png
Required ResearchResearch Lab IV
DesignationBuildings Buildings.png
VariantsResearch Lab
Research Lab II
Research Lab III
Research Lab V

The Research Lab IV is a direct upgrade of the Research Lab III building which expands the capability to research more advanced machines, transports, vehicles, edicts, and recipes.

As of Beta 0.3.10 (2022-01-15), it is the top-tier research facility, though there are indications in the technology tree that the Research Lab V is planned to be added to the game at a later date.