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Vehicles are the first and one of the primary means of solving logistical tasks in Captain of Industry. The game is host to a few different types of vehicles, Falling into 3 primary groups.

Resource Harvesters

Resource Harvesters' primary function is to gather resources from the Island. There are 2 different types of harvesters currently in the game:

  1. Excavators. These vehicles mine resources from the island, collecting loose products that can be loaded into an appropriate transport vehicle.
  2. Tree Harvesters. These vehicles cut down trees from the island and convert them into wood that can be loaded into an appropriate transport vehicle.

Service Vehicle

Service Vehicles are the workhorse on the Island, The primary function they serve is to move goods from one location to another, and come in 3 tiers:

  1. The Pickup is the first tier of transport vehicles, being unlocked when starting the game already. The pickup is able able to transport loose, unit and fluid products.
  2. The Truck Is the the big brother of the Pickup and also is capable of hauling the types mentioned above.
  3. The Haul Truck (Dump) and the Haul Truck (Tank). are the highest capacity vehicles but are only capable of hauling associated material types loose and fluid, respectively


The final category of vehicle are seaworthy vessels. The primary role of these vehicles is to import and export resources to your island from outside sources like Outposts and Villages.

While you will almost always be filling this role exclusively with Cargo Ships, your starting exploration ship, "The Ship" Is also capable of transporting resources in some scenarios.