Vehicles Depot

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Vehicles Depot
Vehicles Depot.png
Allows building vehicles such as trucks and excavators.
Construction Parts.png
WorkersWorker.png 6
Required ResearchVehicles & Mining
DesignationBuildings (For Vehicles) Buildings (For Vehicles).png
VariantsVehicles Depot II
Vehicles Depot III

The Vehicles Depot is a building which enables the construction of Pickups, Small Excavators, Tree Harvesters, and Tree Planters.

The player builds these vehicles by first clicking on the building to open its UI panel, then clicking the hammer icon beside the desired vehicle. Trucks will then be queued to deliver the required materials and the construction bar progresses once the required materials have been received. Up to 10 vehicles production orders can be queued at a time. Later researches unlock access to Vehicles Depot II and Vehicles Depot III which allow more advanced and efficient vehicles to be produced.

It should be noted that the Vehicles Depot UI does not indicate that each vehicle carries an individual Maintenance and Diesel requirement. While these requirements are lower when the vehicles are idle, they are non-zero. A severe lack of Maintenance or Diesel is a common condition which may trigger an island to death spiral.