Captain's Office I

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Captain's Office I
Captain's Office I.png
Construction Parts.png
WorkersWorker.png 8
ElectricityElectricity.png 100 KW
Required ResearchCaptain's Office
DesignationBuildings Buildings.png
VariantsCaptain's Office II

The Captain's Office I is a building which allows for the use of tier 1 edicts to increase the efficiency of the island, grow the Population without need for refugees, or to generate additional Unity over time at the expense of increase resource consumption. Tier 2 and above edicts require Captain's Office II

Like the Trading Dock, the Captain's Office is a unique building and only one may be built on the island, though it can be moved by deconstruction and re-placement.


Before the patch 0.4.0, the Captain's Office had different appearance with the much smaller footprint: 6x6. The cost was also much smaller: 40 + 20 .