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Population represents the number of people living in your colony. The higher the population, the more workers you will have. When you start a new game, you will have some initial population.

Gaining population

  1. Adaption from villages for unity
  2. Natural growth based on health of your colony
  3. Population growth edict can increase your population growth by 0.40/0.20/?% for each tier, and costing 1 unity per month.
  4. Exploration of the world map. You can find people along side loot.

Losing population

  1. Low colony Health, where you lose 0.1% of population for each health point below 0, e.g. at -3 health you will lose 0.3% of population each month.
  2. Disease, some diseases come with a fixed amount of population being lost, even if your Health is above 0
    • Flu (moderate) -0.2%
    • Flu (severe) -0.4%