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Population health represent the health of you colonist with various factors determining how healthy they are. When the population is healthy, they continue to grow at a pace 0.01% for each 10 health. Meaning a colony with 20 health will grow 0.02% every month. Negative health leads to death of the colonists at -0.10% for each -1 health, e.g. at -3 health, your colony will lose 0.30% of your colonists each month.

The Health also provides a Unity Bonus or Penalty. The bonus is "0.0195 × Health + 0.2" when Health is positive, and the penalty is "-0.0195 × Health" when Health is negative.

The further you explore the map, the more severe diseases you will encounter, as your ship brings them back to your colony. It seems that visiting other colonies triggers this. On average, you colony will experience disease outbreak every 2-3 years.

Positive health factors

Negative health factors

  • -1 for every 20 / 60 Clock.png of Air Pollution released
  • -1 for every 10 / 60 Clock.png of Water Pollution dumped
  • #Disease


Disease Health Mortality Demand for
Medical Supplies
Cold -5 - +50% Naturally occurring
Flu (mild) -8 - +50% Naturally occurring
Flu (moderate) -12 0.2% +50% Naturally occurring
Flu (severe) -15 0.4% +50% Naturally occurring
Flu (very severe) -20 0.7% +50% Naturally occurring
Flu (deadly) -25 1.0% +50% Naturally occurring
Infection -15 0.8% +50% Settlement full of waste
Cholera -20 1.0% +50% Low water supply