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A settlement is either a single standalone Housing building or, more commonly, multiple Housing buildings built immediately adjacent to each other. This is where the Population lives and where the residents do almost everything: sleep, eat, maintain their hygiene, and enjoy Household Goods and so on. The only except is work in buildings or vehicles.


Population Overview.png

Each settlement requests services to be provided to increase the comfort of the Population. Only Food supply and Waste collection are essential services. If these services are lacking, critical population decline will occur.

Other services are not essential, and there is no penalty for lacking services. But fulfilling these requests provides a set amount of Unity and/or promotes Health per request. They are helpful in a steady source of Unity, used for Research Lab (and its variants) and outposts such as the Sawmill or Oil Rig. They are also helpful to combat the bad influence of Air Pollution and Water Pollution.

The Population Overview UI pane as seen to the right is accessed by clicking the Population icon at the top-left corner of the game screen and displays the total amount of Unity received from meeting demands.

List of services

All services are shown in the following table.

The demand for each service is directly proportional to the population. And the demand for some services and the Unity bonus also depends on the tier of Housing. The effect of the tier of Housing is shown in the table after the one for services.

List of Services (Version 0.4.11)
Service Demand / 60 Clock.png
per 1000 pops
Can get when fulfilled Unity Bonus
by Housing Tier
Unity Health
Food (Base) Special 1.00 - yes See "#Demand for food" and "#Unity and Health bonus by food"
Food Variety 0.15-3.00 0-12 no
Waste ? - - -
Water 59.6 1.00 10 yes Can get a Unity and Health bonus if Water is provided, and Waste Water is removed
Waste Water 49.8
Electricity 400 KW 1.20 - yes
Hospitals (Medical Supplies III.png Medical Supplies II.png Medical Supplies) 5.4 0.60-1.20 15-25 yes See Clinic
Household Goods 10.7 1.40 - yes
Household Appliances 7.8 1.40 - yes
Consumer Electronics 3.9 1.80 - yes
Settlements quality - 1.00 - no See Square. Does not rely on population amount, only placement of the Square(s)
Other decorations ( Fuel Gas) - 0.50 - no Build the Tomb of Captains and provide Fuel Gas. Only available in the Supporter Edition. Probably also doesn't change based on population
Effect of Housing Tier
Housing Increased Demand Additional Unity Bonus
Housing None None
Housing II Electricity +10%
Water and Waste Water +5%
+50% if Electricity and Water are provided, and Waste Water is removed
Housing III Electricity +20%
Water and Waste Water +10%
+100% if Electricity, Water, and Household Goods are provided and Waste Water is removed. This bonus replaces the previous one

Demand for food

The demand for food depends on the type of food, and it is a bit complex to calculate the amount. As a simple example, when only single food is provided to settlements, the demand for food will be the following value.

Demand for Food (Version 0.4.10)
Food Category Food Demand / 60 Clock.png
per 1000 pops
Carbs Potato 1000/17.0 = 58.82
Corn 1000/25.0 = 40.00
Bread 1000/37.0 = 27.03
Protein Meat 1000/27.0 = 37.04
Eggs 1000/25.0 = 40.00
Tofu 1000/41.0 = 24.39
Sausage 1000/22.0 = 45.45
Vitamins Vegetables 1000/17.0 = 58.82
Fruit 1000/23.0 = 43.48
Treats Snack 1000/13.0 = 76.92
Cake 1000/29.0 = 34.48

When several types of food are provided to settlements, the demand for each food will decrease, and the total for all food will be similar to the case of the single food provided. The exact value at version 0.4.9 can be calculated in the following formula.

Demand / 60 Clock.png per 1000 pops = A / (Nc × N)
A: Demand when only this food is provided (Value in above table)
Nc: Number of provided food category
N: Number of type of provided food in same category
For example, Potato, Corn, Bread, and Vegetables are provided for 1000 pops:
Nc = 2 (Carbs and Vitamins)
Potato = 58.82 / (2 × 3) = 9.80 / 60 Clock.png
Corn = 40.00 / (2 × 3) = 6.67 / 60 Clock.png
Bread = 27.03 / (2 × 3) = 4.51 / 60 Clock.png
Vegetables = 58.82 / (2 × 1) = 29.41 / 60 Clock.png
Total = 50.39

As of version 0.4.10 and later, the above formula is approximately correct, but it has a small error (presumably as a result of the related code being changed), so don't rely on it completely.

Unity and Health bonus by food

Fulfilling food demand, that is, pops do not starve, provides 1.00 of Unity, which is boosted by Housing Tier. In addition, more Unity will be provided when settlements receive variable food, which is NOT boosted by Housing Tier.

Unity and Health Bonus (Version 0.4.11)
Food Category Food Unity
Carbs Potato 0.15
Corn 0.15
Bread 0.30
Protein Meat 0.40
Eggs 0.30
Tofu 0.30
Sausage 0.10
Vitamins Vegetables 0.20
Fruit 0.30
Treats Snack 0.25
Cake 0.55

For example, Potato, Corn, Bread, and Vegetables are provided:

Unity = 1.00 + 0.15 + 0.15 + 0.30 + 0.20 = 1.80

In addition, pops live in Housing III:

Unity = 1.00 × 200% + 0.15 + 0.15 + 0.30 + 0.20 = 2.80

The Health bonus depend on the number of food categories provided to the settlement:

Health = 4 × (Number of food categories − 1)

For example, Potato, Corn, Bread, and Vegetables are provided:

Number of food category = 2 (Carbs and Vitamins)
Health = 4 × (2 − 1) = 4