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A settlement is either a single standalone Housing building or, more commonly, multiple Housing buildings built immediately adjacent to each other. This is where the Population lives and where the residents do almost everything: sleep, eat, maintain their hygiene, and enjoy Household Goods and Household Electronics. The only except is work in buildings or vehicles.


Population Overview.png

Each settlement requests services to be provided to increase the comfort of the Population. Fulfilling these requests provides a set amount of Unity per request. There is no penalty to not providing services, though they are helpful in maintaining a steady source of Unity to combat negative the Unity modifiers associated with from the Research Lab (and its variants), combined pollution from Air Pollution and Water Pollution, and staffing shifts on offshore outposts such as the Sawmill or Oil Rig.

The Population Overview UI pane as seen to the right is accessed by clicking the Population icon at the top-left corner of the game screen and displays the total amount of Unity received from meeting demands.

Requested services are determined by the tier of Housing. Each Higher tier requests all of the services from any lower tiers plus at least 1 additional service.

For Housing and above:

For Housing II and above:

For Housing III and above:

Unity bonus

Housing III UI.png

Meeting all of the demands for one of the above tiers provides an additional amount of Unity. The Housing building pane as seen to the right is accessed by left-clicking on a housing building in the settlement and displays the amount of potential Unity bonus that tier can earn.

Note that Household Electronics can be provided to Housing III; it is not required to receive the bonus as that tier, but any bonuses earned will also apply to it.

  • Housing: No bonus available
  • Housing II: +50% Unity / month gained from each demand
    • (1.00 + 0.50) * 3 = +4.50 Unity / month total
  • Housing III: +75% Unity / month gained from each demand. Note that Household Electronics can be provided to this tier, but it is not a requirement to unlock the bonus.
    • (1.00 + 0.75) * 4 = +7.00 Unity / month total (if Household Electronics are not provided)
    • (1.00 + 0.75) * 5 = +8.75 Unity / month total (if Household Electronics are provided)

Housing IV

As of Beta 0.3.10 (2022-01-15), Housing IV is included on the technology tree, but locked behind a Coming Soon message. The figures below are extracted from the game files and subject to change prior up until release.


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