Biomass Collection

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Biomass Collection
Biomass Collection.png
Collects organic waste (leftovers from food typically). If a settlement does not have this module built, all the organic waste ends up in general waste.
Construction Parts III.png
WorkersWorker.png 6
Cargo Biomass
Required ResearchRecycling
DesignationHousing & Services Housing & Services.png
VariantsFood Market
Food Market II
Water Facility
Household Goods Module
Household Appliances Module
Household Electronics Module
Waste Collection
Recyclables Collection

Biomass Collection is a housing module for collecting Biomass from the Settlement. Biomass can be used as fuel for Boiler (Coal) or for making Fertilizer (Organic) or Dirt. Although collected Biomass can also be burned via a Burner (Solid), there is no advantage over collecting Waste and burning it.

While this building collects the Biomass, discharged Waste reduces by the same amount as collected Biomass.

Amount of discharged biomass

The amount of discharged Biomass is regular proportional to the food and medical supplies consumed in the settlement.

Amount of discharged biomass per 1 unit of consumed item
(Version 0.4.12c)
Consumed item Biomass
Potato 0.12 
Corn 0.12 
Bread 0.072
Meat 0.17 
Eggs 0.12 
Tofu 0.066
Sausage 0.18 
Vegetables 0.12 
Fruit 0.12 
Snack 0.064
Cake 0.16 
Medical Supplies 0.015
Medical Supplies II 0.036
Medical Supplies III 0.036

The settlement provided all types of food discharges 5.1 / 60 Clock.png of Biomass per 1000 pops. And, it discharges more 0.2 / 60 Clock.png per 1000 pops of Biomass when Medical Supplies III are provided.


Below are all the recipes, which this building is capable of producing. Note, that some of them may be locked behind Research, and not immediately available in your game.

/ 60 Clock.png

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