Unit Storage IV

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Unit Storage IV
Unit Storage IV.png
Stores up to 4320 units of a solid product
Construction Parts III.png
ElectricityElectricity.png 24 KW
CargoMost of Unit products
Required ResearchStorage (Large) II
DesignationStorage Storage.png
VariantsUnit Storage
Unit Storage II
Unit Storage III
(The appearance of this machine is from the old version.)

The Unit Storage III is a storage building which allows for up to 4320 pieces of unit product to be stored. It acts as a simple buffer, a delivery and return point for Construction Parts (and their variants) with trucks, and an offloading destination for the Trading Dock, Shipyard, and Unit Modules in Cargo Depots.

They also have 4 input and 4 output connection points for Flat Conveyors and can utilize all 8 simultaneously if so desired. Like many buildings, when the outputs are directly connected to the inputs of another (without conveyors), they transfer items at about 1800 / 60 Clock.png .