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Housing & Services.png
Provides Medical Supplies, Medical Supplies II and Medical Supplies III for an attached settlement. Providing Medical goods to a settlement increases Health of the community, cures diseases and generates extra Unity.
Construction Parts III.png
WorkersWorker.png 36
ElectricityElectricity.png 60 KW
Cargo Medical Supplies
Medical Supplies II
Medical Supplies III
Storage200 / slot
Required ResearchHospital
DesignationHousing & Services Housing & Services.png

The Clinic is a housing module which allows for Medical Supplies.png Medical Supplies, Medical Supplies II.png Medical Supplies II and Medical Supplies III.png Medical Supplies III to be provided to a settlement in exchange for a increase in community's Health and boost in Unity. The Clinic also displays (in it's context menu) and cures any diseases currently bothering the community.

It has two storage slots, where each slot can be filled with either type of Medical Equipment. Each slot has a single input connection for Flat Conveyors which allows for automation of delivery from a Unit Storage or even directly from the producing Assembly (Electric). However, import of goods by Pickups instead is possible if so desired.

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