Recyclables Collection

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Recyclables Collection
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WorkersWorker.png 12
Cargo Recyclables
Required ResearchSettlement Recycling
DesignationHousing & Services Housing & Services.png
VariantsWaste Collection
Biomass Collection

Recyclable Collection is a housing module for collecting Recyclables from the Settlement. Recyclables can be reused as Iron, Steel, Copper, Glass, and Gold at Waste Sorting Plant. Recyclable Collection can collect the Recyclables only in case of Settlement consuming items made from . Specifically, Household Goods, Household Appliances, Consumer Electronics, and Medical Supplies [II, III],

While this building collects the Recyclables, discharged Waste gets a bit less.

Amount of discharged recyclables

The amount of discharged Recyclables is regular proportional to the items consumed in the settlement.

Amount of discharged recyclables per 1 unit of consumed item
(Version 0.5.3c)
Consumed item Recyclables
Household Goods 0.625
Household Appliances 1.208
Consumer Electronics 1.563
Medical Supplies 0.500
Medical Supplies II 0.500
Medical Supplies III 0.625

In other words, the amount of Recyclables is directly proportional to spent materials ( ) for consumer services.

Recyclables = Steel + ( Copper + Glass + Gold)/2
*Version 0.5.3c
*This formula cannot apply to Maintenance I, Lab Equipment, or their variants.


Below are all the recipes, which this building is capable of producing. Note, that some of them may be locked behind Research, and not immediately available in your game.

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