Power Generator (Large)

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Power Production.png
Power Generator (Large)
Power Generator (Large).png
Optimized power generator with lower friction and better efficiency. It just requires some planning.
Construction Parts IV.png
ElectricityElectricity.png +2500 KW
MaintenanceMaintenance I.png 8.0 / 60 Clock.png
Required ResearchPower Generation IV
Boost by UnityNot Available
DesignationPower Production Power Production.png
VariantsPower Generator

The Power Generator II is direct upgrade from the Power Generator machine. It can accept up to six times the input Mechanical Power while outputting up to 7.5 times the output Electricity, equating to a 25% efficiency increase at maximum load. Physically it is the same size laterally as its predecessor, but is 3.5 times larger longitudinally, which may necessitate redesign of power plant layouts to accommodate it.

Output Fluctuation

Electricity production is automatically scaled based on current demand.

If the charge of the connected shaft goes down to 25% or less of its capacity, Electricity production also goes down. And if the charge of the shaft goes down to 10% or less, the generator will stop temporarily.

If 0.1 < Charge of shaft / Capacity of shaft < 0.25:
Actual Production = Production in Recipe × [(17/3) × (Charge of shaft / Capacity of shaft) − 5/12]


Below are all the recipes, which this building is capable of producing. Note, that some of them may be locked behind Research, and not immediately available in your game.

Mechanical Power.png
18 MW
15 MW