Unit Module (S)

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Cargo Docks.png
Unit Module (S)
Unit Module (S).png
Cargo Depot module for transferring unit materials (such as Wood). It can be built in any empty slot of a Cargo Depot.
Construction Parts II.png
WorkersWorker.png 3
ElectricityElectricity.png 150 KW
MaintenanceMaintenance I.png 2.0 / 60 Clock.png
Required ResearchCargo Depot
DesignationCargo Docks Cargo Docks.png
VariantsUnit Module (M)
Unit Module (L)

The Unit Module (S) is a small-capacity storage for unit products which automatically unloads Cargo Ships. It features storage for 180 units and two output connections for Flat Conveyors (or their variants).

The throughput of unloading the compartment of a Cargo Ship with this module is 90 / 60 Clock.png . This rate is 1.5 times of the throughput the Flat Conveyor. It should be noted that ship transit and docking also take time:

  • 180 Clock.png (3.0 months) for round trip if "Reduce ship speed & save fuel" is disabled
  • 360 Clock.png (6.0 months) for round trip if "Reduce ship speed & save fuel" is enabled
("Reduce ship speed & save fuel" is a setting in Cargo Depot)
  • 10 Clock.png (5 days) for docking and undocking

The summarized information is shown in the below table.

Throughput of cargo modules (version 0.4.11)
Module Time (Clock.png) Throughput ( / 60 Clock.png )
Unloading Over total cycle Unloading Over total cycle
Standard Save Fuel Standard Save Fuel
Fluid Module (S) 240 430 610 110.0 61.4 43.3
Fluid Module (M) 120 310 490 220.0 85.2 53.9
Fluid Module (L) 60 250 430 440.0 105.6 61.4
Loose Module (S) 240 430 610 90.0 50.2 35.4
Loose Module (M) 120 310 490 180.0 69.7 44.1
Loose Module (L) 60 250 430 360.0 86.4 50.2
Unit Module (S)
Unit Module (M)
Unit Module (L)
Same as Loose Modules

Resource selection

After construction, Cargo Dock modules require the desired cargo to be set in the module's UI window. However, as of Beta 0.3.10 (2022-01-15) there is only one unit product cargo available, Wood, so it is automatically selected for the player once the Sawmill has been discovered, repaired, and staffed with Workers.

The cargo selection of adjacent modules, and even the types of modules themselves, can be mixed-and-matched as desired. It should be noted that modules which share a Cargo Dock are frequently built in identical pairs for ease of Cargo Ship management. As a Cargo Ship will wait idle for several months before venturing back out if not fully unloaded, mixing of module types can result in a situation where the ship waits for extended periods for the less-utilized cargo type to be empty before departing, causing reduced throughput or shortages of the more-utilized cargo type.

Module throughput vs resource extraction

Given the average throughput with the Cargo Ship round trip time factored in is 32.1 units /60s and the Sawmill produces at a rate of 27 units /60s, the following comparisons can be made:

  • One small Cargo Dock module can continuously outpace production from a 1-shift outpost (at 84.1% duty cycle)
  • Two small Cargo Dock module can continuously outpace production from a 2-shift outpost (at 84.1% duty cycle)
  • Three small Cargo Dock modules can continuously outpace production from a 3-shift outpost (at 84.1% duty cycle)

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