Vehicle Ramp (Large)

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Vehicle Ramp (Large)
Vehicle Ramp (Large).png
Allows vehicles to cross obstacles such as transports.
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Required ResearchRamp for Vehicles
DesignationBuildings (For Vehicles) Buildings (For Vehicles).png
VariantsVehicle Ramp (Small)
Vehicle Ramp (Medium)

The Vehicle Ramp (Large) is a larger version of the Vehicle Ramp (Medium) building which allows for vehicles to cross over up to fourteen transports running parallel to each other. The clearance for transparts is arranged in three groups: the two outer groups allow for three transports at ground level each, while the center group allows for four transports at ground level and four transports stacked 1 level above. There is a single tile support separating each of the groups. While Pickups and Trucks can pass between the supports of transports built at level 2 or higher, Small Excavators, Excavators, and Tree Harvesters cannot so this ramp provides the only means for those vehicles to cross them.


Beta 0.3.11 (2022-01-23):
  • Added two new and larger vehicle ramps. A medium ramp has 2x more space for transports, a large ramp has 4.6x more space!