Water Facility

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Housing & Services.png
Water Facility
Water Facility.png
Provides Water for attached settlement.
Construction Parts II.png
WorkersWorker.png 6
ElectricityElectricity.png 100 KW
MaintenanceMaintenance I.png 6.0 / 60 Clock.png
Cargo Water
Waste Water
Storage120 (each)
Required ResearchSettlement Water
DesignationHousing & Services Housing & Services.png
VariantsFood Market
Household Goods Module
Household Electronics Module

The Water Facility is a housing module which allows for fresh Water to be provided to a settlement in exchange for a boost in Unity. Likewise, it allows for the removal of the resulting Waste Water byproduct. The Water and Wastewater are typically hauled by Pickups in the early game. However, it also has two input and two output connections each which allow for piping to be connected from Rainwater Harvesters (later Groundwater Pumps) and to Liquid Dumps in order to automate delivery and disposal.

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Below are all the recipes, which this building is capable of producing. Note, that some of them may be locked behind Research, and not immediately available in your game.

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60 Clock 60s.png
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