Cargo Depot (8)

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Cargo Docks.png
Cargo Depot (8)
Cargo Depot (8).png
Once built, a repaired Cargo Ship can dock here and transfer its cargo via attached Cargo Depot modules.
Construction Parts II.png
Concrete Slab.png
WorkersWorker.png 36 for assigned Cargo Ship
Footprint45x2 (land)
plus 45x13 (land or ocean)
plus 71x17* (ocean)
Cargo Diesel
Required ResearchCargo Depot IV
DesignationCargo Docks Cargo Docks.png
VariantsCargo Depot (2)
Cargo Depot (4)
Cargo Depot (6)

The Cargo Depot (8) is the largest auxiliary dock which allows for a Cargo Ship to dock at the island once one has been discovered and repaired. It features a flat dock space with connection slots for the addition of four (8) Cargo Depot modules, a 206 unit Diesel tank for refueling Cargo Ships, and an accompanying Pipe connection to replenish itself.

Selection and Configuration of Modules

See Cargo Depot (2).