Forestry Control Tower

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Forestry Control Tower
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Required ResearchTree Planting
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The Forestry Control Tower is a building to fully automated producing of Woods. Successful forestry setup consists of four parts:

  • designation of a control area
  • creation of Forestry Designations within that control area
  • assignment of Tree Planters and Tree Harvesters to the Tower
    *Do not forget to assign pickups to each Tree Harvester.
  • supply of Tree Saplings

Then, the Planter will plant Tree Saplings and the Harvesters will cut grown trees.

Forestry Designations is assigned to the Tower unlike Mining Designation, and the Designation will be deleted when the Tower is deconstructed.

Harvesting options

The Forestry Control Tower has a "Harvesting Options," that decides the size the trees should be cut. 100% is a standard option, and it maximizes the number of the harvested Wood from each tree sapling. 60% can minimize the area for tree growing, but a +67% more Tree Saplings are required than 100%.

Harvesting Options
Option Harvested Wood
per each tree
Harvest from planting
100% 20 12.0 years
80% 16 9.0 years
60% 12 6.3 years
40% 8 5.7 years

Control area, Vehicle assignments, and Idle vehicles

See Mine Control Tower.

Throughput of Wood harvesting

Tree Planter plants one Tree Saplings per about 45 cells on average. If Harvesting Options is 100%, it takes 12 years (8640 Clock.png ) to grow them and one grown tree will be 20 Woods. So, for example, the area for harvesting 1 / 60 Clock.png of Woods is:

45 / (20 × 60 / 8640) = 324 cells (20.2 Forestry Designated tiles)

In other options, the throughput is shown in the following table:

Required area and Tree Saplings to harvest 1 / 60 Clock.png of Wood (version 0.5.3)
Option Tree Saplings
( / 60 Clock.png )
in cells in designated tiles
100% 0.0500 324 20.2
80% 0.0625 304 19.0
60% 0.0833 284 17.8
40% 0.1250 385 24.1