Unit Storage III

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Unit Storage III
Unit Storage III.png
Stores up to 2160 units of a solid product
Construction Parts III.png
ElectricityElectricity.png 16 KW
CargoMost of Unit products
Required ResearchStorage (Large) I
DesignationStorage Storage.png
VariantsUnit Storage
Unit Storage II
Unit Storage IV
(The appearance of this machine is from the old version.)

The Unit Storage III is a storage building which allows for up to 2160 pieces of unit product to be stored. It acts as a simple buffer, a delivery and return point for Construction Parts (and their variants) with trucks, and an offloading destination for the Trading Dock, Shipyard, and Unit Modules in Cargo Depots.

They also have 4 input and 4 output connection points for Flat Conveyors and can utilize all 8 simultaneously if so desired. Like many buildings, when the outputs are directly connected to the inputs of another (without conveyors), they transfer items at about 790 / 60 Clock.png .