Chicken Farm

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Chicken Farm
Chicken Farm.png
Enables to raise chickens for eggs and meat. Chickens need to be provided with water and animal feed. To obtain some chickens you can trade with a village on the world map.
Construction Parts III.png
WorkersWorker.png 12
Required ResearchChicken Farm
Boost by UnityNot Available
DesignationFood Production Food Production.png

The Chicken Farm is a hen house for the laying of Eggs. Chickens require Water and Animal Feed. Toggled options within the Chicken Farm: "Enable Slaughtering" and "Pause Growth". Slaughter will produce Chicken Carcass which can be cooked to create Meat.

1 Chicken Farm can raise at most 500 chickens. A required worker is independent of the number of chickens. But input/output of Water, Animal Feed, Eggs, and Chicken Carcass are in proportion to the number of chickens. The amount of them at version 0.4.12 is followings:

  • Animal Feed: 15.1 / 60 Clock.png per 500 Chickens
  • Water: 18.1 / 60 Clock.png per 500 Chickens
  • Eggs: 7.3 / 60 Clock.png per 500 Chickens
  • Chicken Carcass: 10.0 / 60 Clock.png per 500 Chickens