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Trading is an interaction mechanic between player's home island and villages on the world map.

There are two types of offers: quick trade and contracts.

Currently, trading offers and their item ratios are fixed, so any world seed is guaranteed to have all the options necessary. They are also not affected by any starting settings. Though, positions of the villages themselves are randomized at the start. The starting village, which is always revealed to the player, will always have the same trading offers.

A village will display all of it's offers since it's discovery, and increasing your reputation through donations will not reveal any new options. However, reputation still matters, because a message about its insufficiency will pop up upon trying to establish a contract.

Quick Trade

This type of offer is intended for the urgent purchase of a relatively small amount of resources that are important at the current time.

Any type of player-owned ship is not required to perform a quick trade. In order to perform it, only three conditions have to be met:

  • The player has to have Trading Dock built.
  • The player has to own a resource they trade with, stored in any storage on the island. Direct access by a truck or export settings are not required.
  • The player has to have required Unity amount.

Trade is performed instantly, and desired goods magically appear at the Trading Dock, from where they can then be exported via trucks.

With every two trades on the same offer, the trade ratio worsens by some amount. Worse ratio remains present for some time afterwards. This is a demising return mechanic, intended to stop the player from using quick trading for large quantities of resources on a frequent basis.


This type of offer is intended for creating a long term supply route of some basic resource. Mechanic is intended to extend player's capabilities in the late game, mitigating the limit of finite ores and some other basic resources on the island and in the World Map finite nodes. Contracts play a decisive role when it comes to allowing a player to infinitly sustain their settlement.

Setting up a contract is much more demanding, than performing a quick trade. A player is required to have a Cargo Depot (2) (or a wider version), a dedicated Cargo Ship, while also paying fixed Unity fee per month of usage, per ship travelled, and per establishment of the contract. Therefore, it is not recommended to use contracts until there is a stable and sufficient Unity income present.

A contract can be established through either a cargo module's interface itself (see Loose Module (S) or better analogs), or through a dedicated trading interface (found on the bottom pannel of the game UI).

Down below is a list of all the contract offers currently available. Take note, that exact numbers may change, and game version should be taken into consideration here. By default, data is sorted by recieved product types for options observation convenience.