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World map represent the world which the player can explore using The Ship. The world map is a map of nodes which represent your Home Island, Villages, various mines or quarries, Oil Rigs, Groundwater Well, Sawmill, Locations With Enemies , Treasures, or damaged Cargo Ships. These areas can be visited by The Ship which uses Diesel. When the ship encounters an enemy, it might get damaged. This then requires repairs, which consume resources such as Steel, Electronics, and Mechanical Parts. The player is limited in exploration by the capabilities of their ship. AS the player researches new technologies, they are able to improve the ships battle score, and Fuel Reserves. This then allows the ship to explore areas occupied by enemies, and areas which the ship does not have enough fuel for.

The world map structure is fixed, however the nodes on the map are placed randomly based on your map seed.

Map Locations

Main article: World Map

World map has different locations:

Home Island

Locations With Enemy

Villages.png Villages


Oil Rigs

Sulfur Mines

Quartz Mines

Uranium Mines

Coal Mine.png Coal Mines

Rock Mine.png Rock Mines

Limestone Quarry.png Limestone Quarrys

Cargo Ships (location)

And a Groundwater Well