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Home Island is the island where you build on. It is the only location on the World Map, where you can zoom into.

At the start of a new game, the player has 5 maps to choose from; each with it's own difficulty level, starting resources, land area and terrain types.

Additionally, the player has 6 further options to specify the map:

  • Resources size
  • Resources elevation
  • Forest size
  • Cliffs height
  • Extra ocean chuncks
  • Ocean floor decline


Currently there are 5 island maps:

New Haven

This is the easiest map, recommended for new players. (Difficulty level: Standard) A mostly flat map, with an wide open starting area and all necessary starting resources close nearby.

The Beach

This map is for advanced players. (Difficulty level: Advanced) A fairly flat map, but with starting area in a desert and most of the island's shores blocked by mountains. Has a second, smaller island.


This map is for advanced players. (Difficulty level: Advanced) A fairly flat map, but shaped as a C-shaped atoll.

The Golden Peak

This map is for advanced players looking for additional challenges. (Difficulty level: Difficult) A mountainous map, with a steep mountain at it's center.

You Shall Not Pass

This map is for expert players. (Difficulty level: Challenging) A map which is mostly a plateau, with the exception of the starting area. Starting area has limited resources.

Island reserves

Main article: Home Island

Each Home Island contains varying amounts of natural resources. This amount is modified by the resources size modifier on the Map Selection screen while the amount which can be extracted per tile is further affected by the ore mining yield modifier on the Game Difficulty screen. Neither modifier can be changed once the island has been founded.

Resource reserves in Home Island (version 0.4.11)
Map Iron Ore Copper Ore Gold Ore Coal Limestone Crude Oil Rock Sand Dirt Groudwater Wood
New Haven 1,400,000 1,400,000 620,000 1,700,000 1,200,000 80,000 12,200,000 1,000,000 4,000,000 57,000 80,000
The Beach 4,500,000 2,500,000 1,000,000 2,100,000 1,200,000 92,000 25,100,000 1,500,000 5,700,000 66,000 110,000
Curland 5,700,000 4,900,000 1,200,000 2,500,000 4,200,000 1,100,000 39,600,000 4,800,000 6,600,000 51,000 110,000
The Crater
(Supporter edition)
3,700,000 2,300,000 670,000 5,800,000 1,800,000 70,000 56,800,000 700,000 6,500,000 48,000 87,000
The Golden Peak 2,200,000 2,100,000 7,300,000 1,900,000 1,400,000 110,000 26,000,000 680,000 4,100,000 63,000 93,000
You Shall Not Pass 8,300,000 10,600,000 3,300,000 4,100,000 7,800,000 100,000 71,100,000 8,300,000 6,300,000 99,000 100,000

It should be noted that most of the above natural resources are non-renewable, though the following exceptions apply:

  • Dirt can be created by dumping Compost onto the ground.
  • Sand can be created nonfrom Rock by processing it in a Crusher to produce Gravel, then crushed again into Sand.
    • Rock itself is non-renewable on the Home Island but can be mined infinitely from the Rock Mine.
    • While non-renewable, it should be noted that it is very unlikely that the island will run out of Rock before either Iron Ore or Copper Ore.
  • Groundwater is replenished by rain.
  • Crude Oil consumption can potentially be avoided in the late game using the Biodiesel technology for Diesel and Naphtha Reforming for Naphtha.

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