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TypeNatural resource
Created inMining Designation
Used inBlast Furnace
Transported byU-shape Conveyor [IIIII]
Stored inLoose Storage [II]

Rock is a natural resource obtained through mining. It can be dumped within a dumping designation as waste or in strategic areas to create landfill or ramps. It is also useful once processed in a Crusher to create Gravel for use in Concrete Slabs.

Rock is the primary mineral on the island. It is often covered by or intermixed with Dirt. Rock does not appear on the Layers panel except when intermixed with the displayed resources on the overlay: Sand, Limestone, Coal, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Gold Ore, or Crude Oil. It is not shown in conjunction with Groundwater as that is not a resource that can be mined.

Island reserves

Main article: Island map

Each island map contains varying amounts of natural resources. This amount is modified by the resources size modifier on the Map Selection screen while the amount which can be extracted per tile is further affected by the ore mining yield modifier on the Game Difficulty screen. Neither modifier can be changed once the island has been founded.

Resource New Haven The Beach The Golden Peak You Shall Not Pass
Coal 1,300,000 1,700,000 1,600,000 2,300,000
Copper Ore 910,000 2,300,000 1,600,000 5,100,000
Dirt 1,900,000 4,100,000 2,000,000 4,400,000
Gold Ore 340,000 880,000 7,300,000 13,400,000
Iron Ore 1,100,000 3,000,000 2,100,000 5,400,000
Limestone 930,000 1,100,000 1,800,000 7,900,000
Rock 14,600,000 30,500,000 17,700,000 69,600,000
Sand 2,800,000 2,800,000 2,000,000 5,700,000

It should be noted that most of the above natural resources are non-renewable, though the following exceptions apply:

  • Dirt can be created renewably from Food processed in an Anaerobic Digester.
  • Dirt can be created non-renewably from Waste Water processed in a Wastewater Treatment, but with the consumption of Sand.
  • Sand can be created non-renewably from Rock by processing it in a Crusher to produce Gravel, then crushed again into Sand.
    • While non-renewable, it should be noted that it is very unlikely that the island will run of Rock before either Iron Ore or Copper Ore.


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