Haul Truck (Dump)

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Haul Truck (Dump)
TruckT3Loose Dump.png
Large hauling truck with max capacity of 180. This type can transport only loose products (coal for instance). It cannot go under transports.
Created inVehicles Depot III
Vehicle Parts III.png
/ 240 Clock.png
Fuel Tank36
Max Speed7
Fuel Consumption2.3 / 60 Clock.png
Maintenance II6 / 60 Clock.png
Compatible MinerMega Excavator
Haul Truck (Tank)

A Haul Truck (Dump) is the third tier of the transport vehicle. It can transport 180 units of products at once. It can transport only loose products.

Compared to the Truck, the Haul Truck has 3 times the capacity of cargo at the expense of twice the fuel consumption, a higher maintenance tier ( Maintenance II), and reduced transport speed to 2/3. The Truck and the Haul Truck require the same number of Workers. Note that fewer Haul Trucks (and therefore fewer Workers) are needed to transport the same volume of items as compared to the Truck, but the same amount of fuel is required for a given throughput.

Unlike the Truck, the Haul Truck cannot go under Transports such as conveyors and pipes, even if their height is 2 or higher. A Vehicle Ramp is required to cross over them.

Storage for Haul Truck deliveries or pickups should have high capacity, since the Haul Truck has a low transport speed and a high capacity.