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Research allows you to unlock new buildings, transports, vehicles, edicts, and recipes. After selecting a research technology in the research screen, you can also queue up other technologies, which will be researched afterwards. The number of technologies in the queue is represented by the "+X" number next to the current research in the research bar. It is possible to remove items from the research queue by selecting them, and clicking remove from queue, however it seems that you need to remove the last added research from the queue first, before you can remove any other research from it. You can also cancel the whole research queue by cancelling the current research, which will also clear the whole queue.

Research Points

Each Research Lab produces a certain amount of research points every month. Each technology has a "difficulty rating", which defines how many research points you need to research in order to unlock the technology. The difficulty rating can be seen next to the technology name in the research screen, e.g. "Construction III[9]". The difficulty rating is not directly linked to the amount of research points needed to research a technology, as in for a technology with a difficulty rating of 10, you need exactly 100 research points. However, you can assume that each difficulty rating increases the research points needed by 27. Meaning that if you want to research Construction III technology, which has difficulty rating of 9, you will need to generate approximately 9*27 = 243 research points to unlock it. Although, the actual amount of research points needed for difficulty rating of 9 is 234. This means that to unlock the Construction III, using a single Research Lab II, which generates 4 research points per month, you will need to wait approximately 243 / 4 = 60 months, and use up 243 Research Equipment.

Research speed per lab
Research labs Research speed
Research Lab 3.2
Research Lab II 4
Research Lab III 4.8
Research Lab IV 5.6
Research Lab V 6.4