Rock Mine

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The Rock Mine.png Rock Mine is an Outpost found on the World Map which provides an infinite supply of Rock.

Repair and output potential

After discovery on the World Map, the Rock Mine must be repaired before it can be utilized. The Rock Mine extracts resources from an unlimited deposit.

Level. Repair Cost Shifts Storage Capacity Maximum Production
2 200x Construction Parts III 2 1056x Rock 12 / 20 Clock.png (36 / 60 Clock 60s.png)
4 280x Construction Parts III 4 ?
6 ? 4 ?

Resource extraction

In order to produce any output, the Sawmill must be manned. Each outpost can support a variable amount of shifts, depending on the level of the outpost.

Output (per shift) Cost (per shift) Total deposit
6 / 20 Clock.png (18 / 60 Clock 60s.png) 25x Workers
0.2 Unity per month
Maintenance 8 / 60 Clock 60s.png