Uranium Mine

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The 'Uranium Mine is an outpost found on the World Map which provides a finite supply of Uranium Ore. As of Beta 0.3.11 (2022-01-23), there are always two Uranium Mines visible and reachable on the map with repair costs increasing along with distance from the home island.

If The Ship is equipped with the radar ship upgrade, it is possible to discover one additional, but currently unreachable Uranium Mine node.


After discovery on the World Map, the Uranium Mine must be repaired before it can be utilized.

No. Repair Cost Avg distance
1 400x Construction Parts II 5 nodes
2 400x Construction Parts II 6 nodes
3 Unknown 7 nodes

Manning and output

In order to produce any output, the Uranium Mine must be manned. Each outpost can support up to 3 shifts.

Output (per shift) Cost (per shift) Total amount
6 / 20 Clock.png (18 / 60 Clock 60s.png) 25x Workers
0.4 Unity per month
1,296,000 units


It is possible to view the amount of Uranium Ore remaining in the Uranium Mine by locating it on the World Map and clicking on it to open its UI panel. The remaining amount is listed under the Reserve section. It does not replenish over time nor once depeleted.