Captain's Office

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Captain's Office
Captain's Office.png
Enables you to declare edicts that can significantly affect your island's population and industry. Some edicts can provide you with benefits but may cost you monthly Unity. Other edicts can generate monthly Unity, but these typically require you to provides something in return. Edicts can be toggled anytime.
Construction Parts.png
Construction Parts II.png
WorkersWorker.png 20
ElectricityElectricity.png 50 KW
Required ResearchCaptain's Office
DesignationBuildings Buildings.png

The Captain's Office is a building which allows for the use of edicts to increase the efficiency of the island, grow the Population without need for refugees, or to generate additional Unity over time at the expense of increase resource consumption. Like the Trading Dock, the Captain's Office is a unique building and only one may be built on the island, though it can be moved by deconstruction and re-placement.


Before the patch 0.4.0, the Captain's Office had different appearance with the much smaller footprint: 6x6. The cost was also much smaller: 40 + 20 .