Spent Fuel Storage

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Spent Fuel Storage
Spent Fuel Storage.png
A special underground storage facility that can safely manage any radioactive waste without causing any danger to the island's Population. Leaving a legacy for the next generations to come.
Construction Parts III.png
Concrete Slab.png
WorkersWorker.png 10
ElectricityElectricity.png 30 KW
Required ResearchNuclear Reactor
DesignationStorage Storage.png

The Spent Fuel Storage is a building which can store large amounts of Spent Fuel safely, preventing radioactivity from endangering the Population. It cannot store any other types of materials.

One Spent Fuel Storage can hold up to 5,400 Spent Fuel which is equivalent to one Nuclear Reactor running at 100% duty cycle for 450 years. If the storage is filled up or the Nuclear Reactor is decommissioned, the building can be paused to prevent continued Worker and Electricity requirements.