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To provide a quick, shorthand method to refer to lengths of game time and rates of production. Additionally, to automatically do the math to convert from recipe qty/length to per 60 second formats if so desired.
  • Automatically highlights blue if a per-60 rate is detected (examples for disabling this feature are below)
  • As requested, performs the math to convert to a per-60 second rate and display it already marked up.
When an automatic version to a per-60 second rate is performed, the number of digits to round is fixed at 2. For integer results, they are not displayed.
To output just a length of time and nothing else.
Markup Renders as

/ 40 Clock.png


/ 60 Clock.png

To output a rate.
Markup Renders as

40 / 20 Clock.png

20 {{Time}}

20 / 60 Clock.png

To output with 60 highlighting, but no conversion.
Markup Renders as

/ 60 Clock 60s.png


40 / 60 Clock 60s.png

To output with 60 highlighting and per-60 conversion (ignored when already per-60).
Markup Renders as

40 / 20 Clock.png (120 / 60 Clock 60s.png)


30 / 60 Clock 60s.png

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