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The game provides you with multiple tools you can use to usually designate specific areas.


Many of the tools have different functions based on the state of the selected building. Meaning, building that is in the construction phase will react differently to a tool than a building that is already built.

Planning Mode.png Planning mode

By enabling the planning mode, you are able to start placing new buildings, and they will have their construction automatically paused. This allows you to plan out your set up, and when ready allow construction using the pause tool.


Construction phase: Pause or unpause the building's construction.

Already built: Enable or disable the building production. This way you can disable large areas of your colony when you are having issues with workers or power.

Unity.png Unity

Construction phase: Instantly deliver materials for the building using unity.

Already built: Enable or disable boosting the building's production for unity.

Demolish.png Demolish

Construction phase: Cancel construction of the building. Using SHIFT key by default on any pipe or a belt, you can cancel the whole pipeline.

Already built: Give order to start deconstructing the building.


Copies the building or a selected area, which can then be used to place the selected buildings again. If you have cursor over a building already, and press the copy shortcut, it will automatically select that building, without having to click it.


Construction phase: it will allow you to move the selected area somewhere else.

Clone.png Clone

After selecting the clone tool, you will be able to "copy" settings of a building, and then paste the settings into the same building. E.g. click on a farm, which copies its settings for fertility, and grown crops, and then you can paste the settings to a different farm without having to duplicate the grown crops manually.

Layers.png Layers

Layers tools is more of a visual guide that helps you see resources in your colony. This way, you can see the amount of a resource, what type of resource it is (e.g. water or iron), and if it is covered by a different layer in case of resources that can be mined such as a rock.