Keyboard controls

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Default Key Result
Move up W Up arrow
Move left A Left arrow
Move down S Down arrow
Move right D Right arrow
Rotate clock-wise LeftAlt + E not set
Rotate counter-clock-wise LeftAlt + Q not set
Increase pan speed SHIFT RSHIFT
Free look mode Middle click LeftAlt + Left click
Zoom in LeftBracket KeypadDivide
Zoom out RightBracket KeypadMultiply
Move camera (hold) Right click not set
Save camera position 1 CTRL + Alpha4 not set
Save camera position 2 CTRL + Alpha5 not set
Save camera position 3 CTRL + Alpha6 not set
Jump to saved camera position 1 Alpha4 not set
Jump to saved camera position 2 Alpha5 not set
Jump to saved camera position 3 Alpha6 not set


Default Key Result
Toggle pause Space Pause
Increase speed SHIFT + Equals Plus (keypad)
Decrease speed Minus Minus (keypad)
Set game speed to Ox Alpha0 Keypado
Set game speed to 1x Alpha1 Keypad1
Set game speed to 2x Alpha2 Keypad2
Set game speed to 3x Alpha3 Keypad3


Default Key Result
Demolish / remove DEL CTRL + D
Copy (insta-copy) с not set
Copy CTRL + C not set
Cut (insta-cut) X not set
Cut CTRL + X not set
Clone V not set
Unity tool U not set
Pause tool P not set
Upgrade tool I not set
Mining designations M not set
Dumping designations Z not set
Leveling designations N not set
Harvesting designations H not set
Toggle planning mode B not set
Toggle price popup Y not set


Default Key Result
Clear designation Right click CTRL + Left click


Default Key Result
Raise up E not set
Lower down Q not set
Rotate R not set
Flip / Toggle mode F not set
Place multiple SHIFT RSHIFT


Default Key Result
Use alternative route CTRL RCTRL
Disallow turns SHIFT RSHIFT
Toggle snapping R not set
Toggle port avoidance F not set


Default Key Result
Demolish entire transport SHIFT RSHIFT
With quick remove (using Unity) CTRL RCTRL


Default Key Result
Copy without configuration CTRL RCTRL


Default Key Result


Default Key Result
Tutorials F2 not set
Recipes book F1 not set
Console BackQuote not set
World map Tab not set
Research G not set
Statistics 0 not set
Trading F3 not set
Blueprints F4 not set
Resources visualization L not set
Transports menu T not set
Captain's office (if constructed) F5 not set


Default Key Result
Primary action / select Left click not set
Alternative action / deselect Right click not set
Search CTRL + F not set


Default Key Result
Toggle photo mode F11 not set
Take screenshot P not set
Camera auto-rotation O not set