Sulfur Mine

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The 'Sulfur Mine is an outpost found on the World Map which provides an infinite supply of Sulfur. It is often one of the first outposts that the player will discover, though in some cases it may be the Oil Rig or Sawmill instead. As of Beta 0.3.11 (2022-01-23), there is always one Sulfur Mine visible and reachable on the map, generally about 2 nodes away from the home island.


After discovery on the World Map, the Sulfur Mine must be repaired before it can be utilized.

No. Repair Cost Avg distance
1 200x Construction Parts II 2 nodes

Manning and output

In order to produce any output, the Sulfur Mine must be manned. Each outpost can support up to 3 shifts.

Output (per shift) Cost (per shift) Total amount
3 / 20 Clock.png (9 / 60 Clock 60s.png) 12x Workers
0.2 Unity per month